This 2 in 1 tool is designed to serve you and your friends the freshest and just the right taste.

Make your seasonings come alive….

When you embrace the fresh ground spices you release the wonderful compounds with oxidation.

Eat, Live, Love!




“My 3rd one purchased for my deli!”

- Anita, Richmond, BC

“This salt and pepper grinder is first class!”

Donald C., Crossville, TN

Professional chef grade quality glass and stainless steel grinder set – now featuring our patent-pending 100% ceramic grinding mechanism which is non-corrosive and won’t absorb flavors while also guaranteed to never wear out and stays sharp for its entire lifetime. Unlike other spice grinder sets, our best selling Amazon design has its grinding mechanism on top of the grinder to guarantee that your spices land only where you want — not where you don’t.

Especially designed for customer convenience and function

Perfect for all types of sea salts, Himalayan salts and peppercorns with five exacting grinding levels that ensure you will have the perfect blend of spices and savory flavors for your meals.

Our professional restaurant grade adjustable ceramic rotor ensures that each spice is ground to absolute perfection and to your exact taste.


“Well made, nice looking product with lifetime warranty.”

– Sharon T., Cleveland, Ohio

“Easy to use, seems well made and well designed, and holds tons of peppercorns!!”

– S. Lue, San Diego, California

“Exceeded expectations. Nice to see that!”

– Trent N., London, British Columbia

Now includes free measuring spoons!

5 measuring spoons to give you just the right flavor with your best recipes

“Very well designed product. I absolutely love it.”

Jon S., San Diego, CA

“I love the salt and pepper grinders, they are the best!”

Pam J., Victoria, Canada



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