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We’re Monster Kitchen and we love cooking!

At Monster Kitchen, we’re dedicated to creating the world’s best kitchen and grilling accessories for you and your family to enjoy. We’ve always taken great pride in our tools and the food we make.

From the kitchen to your backyard, we have the highest quality kitchen utensils to help you achieve any task and any goal that you may come across. From our patent-pending salt and pepper shaker combo to our flexible chopping boards to our newest marinade injectors, we’ve got you covered from the novice cook to the professional chef.

But our accessories aren’t enough and we would love to provide you with more

We believe in sharing our famous recipes from home to the kitchen for you to enjoy. Look below to find our famous recipes whether you are grilling in the backyard or making breakfast for your family, we got you covered. Monster Kitchen recipes are also completely unique and noted for their complexities in flavor and colors.

Welcome to Monster Kitchen — home of the world’s finest kitchen and barbeque accessories.

What Monster Kitchen Customers Say About Us

“I love the salt and pepper shaker. I bought a set from you around the holidays, and liked it so much that I bought another one.”

– Kathryn L.

Eugene, Oregon

“Easy to use, seems well made and well designed, and holds tons of peppercorns!!”

– Sharon T

Cleveland, Ohio

“I can chop a bunch of stuff and then curl the mat to take the chopped stuff to the pot without having spill-over.”

– Jillian K.

Davis, CA

“I have tried a few different kinds of injectors and all of them plug up or never worked at all this is a very nice setup and the three needles will make it easy to use what we like to inject the meat with NO plugging up!!!”


Phoenix, Arizona